Recently, In Wenzhou Found A National Sports - Trampoline Theme Park

- Dec 04, 2017-

A total area of 4,500 square meters of trampoline theme park in Wenzhou appearance, can accommodate more than 1,000 people at the same time exercise. Reporters on the scene saw the venue there are many different partitions and themes, adults and children can find their own sports here. In addition, the venue also special division of the different sports areas, the trampoline and basketball, slides, rock climbing and other sports combined. Colorful sports, so many people come to experience hooked.Indoor trampoline park near me.


Its main trampoline is very impressive to me, it combines trampoline and basketball, I feel very entertaining, a lot of audience, young and old can play. Running may be a bit boring, but it's fun to play with friends, because it's pretty well equipped, including rock climbing, shooting and the like. Because it has a dedicated staff in each area to allocate supervision, it will remind you that two people can not jump together, including coaching instructions on rock climbing and safety control.

Wenzhou Lele Island Trampoline Park staff, the venue is currently the largest indoor trampoline theme park, mainly for people aged 5-50 years of age. Each activity area is equipped with professionals to guide the customers to protect them from movement during exercise.

For children, it is precisely when things are curious, how many children fantasize the feeling of flying, and this fly high trampoline park just to meet the wishes of children, but also safe.For young people, trampolines reduce the time they sit in front of their computers,

On the contrary, they also exercise their body during the time of entertainment, young people have more ideas, and also play a variety of fancy tricks in the trampoline park, such as jump 360 trampoline park, amazing.

For us adults, trampoline for our weight loss, body sculpting are very helpful. Nowadays, everybody working pressure is very big. We are doing such a large-scale parent-child sports stadium and providing you with a diversified fitness center. It is a very good space for everyone Sweating items.