Rebound Trampoline To Create A New Parent-child Sports Base In Changsha

- Jan 16, 2018-

It is reported that the mango Paradise Island Trampoline Park is China's large indoor Rebound trampoline theme park, covering 9,980 square meters, bigger than a football stadium! This set of entertainment, sports and fitness as one of the trampoline park, equipped with jumping area, dodgeball area, sponge foam area, a million ocean ball area, the ultimate slam dunk area, the Olympic trampoline area, pattern wall area, spider tower District, dynamic trampoline area, tire climbing area more than 20 projects, you want to play it all, give you more choices!

Build Changsha new parent-child sports base

The reporter interviewed Wu Yue, CEO of Mango Motors. He said: "The slogan of Mango Motors is 'My car, I want to live', so I hope to provide a rich car life for customers who buy a car at Mango. The establishment of the Mango Dorra Trampoline Park in partnership with the Dole Island Trampoline Park is a first step for Mango Motors to build a 'Parent-Child Sports' theme park in 2017 and an important step toward creating a car theme park. In future planning, the Mango Motor Show For everyone to provide a more colorful car life! "


Compared with the usual parent-child sports, the mango Dorna Trampoline Park can provide more activities and more suitable people. Only a few children and middle-aged and old people can enter the park. In order to let the visiting family get a better trampoline experience, there are many parent-child games in the venue, so that adults and children can enhance their feelings while playing and promote a more harmonious family relationship. In addition, the mango Dorna Trampoline Park will also launch a special trampoline course, both children and parents can participate in to enhance parent-child exchange, create a child's strong physique. Let everyone play in the fitness, the healthier jump!

World champion Rodin live dazzle

Rodin, who won the World Championship Hunan's First Gold Medal and the National Trampoline Championship Team Championship, was invited to the opening ceremony of the mango paradise trampoline park, bringing a series of events to Changsha citizens The difficult professional trampoline performance, to participate in the ceremonial masses shout! After the performance, Rodin also led his team to teach you some simple trampoline stunts in the field. Many children who participated in the seminar learned the "take the bomb" and "kneeling" action on the scene! In addition, she intends to create a series of customized trampoline projects for the citizens of Changsha. This will change the entertainment style of Changsha citizens and give Changsha a more enriching element of entertainment capital, giving the citizens more fresh entertainment and sports.


In addition to watching the world championship performances, there are many dunk fans also came to the trampoline park to show their full demeanor, looking at the trampoline park that row of patchwork basket, gearing up, "arm hanging buckle," "hands Dunk "," big windmill dunk "and so on, a series of fancy dunk action, so that the crowd of watching dizzying, eager! And experienced trampoline dunk fans said "just started to control the direction and strength of the landing is not good, after adaptation, a sense of NBA star show, a word 'cool'!

At the event scene, there are slam dunk games, handball competition, ninja challenge, trampoline King match, cushion run race fun activities, with the child came to experience Ms. Wang said surprised to reporters, "before that has been trampoline Children are playing things, the original adult can play, but there are so many ways to play, today is really an eye opener!

The reporter also interviewed an elderly person who was resting while she was sitting. She said: "I had come to see my son and I did not expect that I could play in the place where there are many marine balls. I also jumped a bit, Very interesting! Grandchildren are also playing very happy! "Reporter also interviewed several experience, all said" trampoline is fun "," children play very happy, "" should often play! "