Put On The Top Rated Trampoline Show

- Dec 18, 2017-

- the ultra-free trampoline area -

Spinning jump, fancy trampoline!

In this area, you can enjoy the pleasure of flying freely in the air!

Release your usual stress!

Put on the top rated trampoline show


In the rotation of the empty, the hot blood to fly, minutes can be in the sky different body freestyle!


- challenge yourself to limit the dunk area

Dunking on a trampoline is a kind of experience!

You'll know!

A little jump,

Fly into the basket with a single hand!

A second of cherry blossom!

Wow, you're super handsome!


The sun is cool and handsome, spinning, tumbling and jumping is even a rookie of basketball.

The girl who has been reaping the girl's heart depends on it!


- super soft fancy sponge pool -

Want to flip the jump and worry about security?

Don't worry!

Sponge pool protects you!

The colourful sponges fill the pool,

No matter what position you use to fall into the sponge pool!