Praise Constant Large Trampoline Park

- Dec 19, 2017-


In this cold winter,

How do you worry about exercise?

Gym Treadmill too boring?

Want to exercise but can not find a fun indoor sports?

So, is there a fit

Popular sports for all ages of fun-filled sports?

Some, in Beijing, there is such a well-received large trampoline park quietly waiting for you, it is large enough, courteous service, a single day successfully received more than 1,200 people but did not crowded, get everyone's unanimous appreciation.


So how do you get more fun?

Those cool cool sports trendy gameplay

What exactly is how to play?

Is there any quick way to learn?

This time, VFLY trampoline park strong leap across the city, intentions achievements trampoline fun. Ignite this winter with fiery passion, just to find the next "Super Star." They are unreservedly send out the valuable limited edition card, membership card and 3 hours tickets, just for everyone in the cold winter days to add some indoor sports fun and passion, so that our circle of friends become more dynamic , Closer to what life should have been