Outdoor Trampoline For Kids Evaluation: Novelty, Play Hi, Hot, Cool

- Jan 09, 2018-

A novel!

Airplay trampoline.

It is officially open in pukou civic centre.

Trampoline is a new form of entertainment, which has been popular in the United States, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions in recent years.

As the fast development of the fitness entertainment program, trampoline is also loved by the children and teenagers, the crazy excitement of jumping, the children's nature is completely liberated.

In China, some cities have introduced trampoline project.

Based on the above reasons, the company has introduced the airplay trampoline park project, which is another step in the development and expansion of the sports culture industry of yangzi evening news.


Compared with traditional trampoline movement, trampoline park form of entertainment is very novel and diversity, both can let you "hi" over the surface of the earth's trampoline, more tower of jump, the devil, slide, dodge ball, and other entertainment experience zone, and stroke "basket" the core of the sport nature will also be closely integrated with the trampoline park, resilient, basket basket with a trampoline, can be round in the park that you have a "Slam Dunk" dream!


The trial operation is within two days.

More than 700 people "jump up and down" in the park

The airplay trampoline was opened during the New Year's holiday on January 1, two days before the official opening.

The company is "bona fide", as long as it is "I want to experience" in its official WeChat public number, it is free to enter.

Such a move also led to the fire during the trial operation, the people in the park is very noisy, the outdoor trampoline for kids are "jumping up and down" here!

According to relevant controller introduces, trampoline park two days time, trampoline park received total of more than 700 people, under the guidance of professional coaches, everyone on the trampoline fully experience the fun of the new sport;


Some children under the guidance of the coach, also carried out a number of "games", the scene is more lively and extraordinary.

Live the day before New Year's day, the yangzi evening news official accounts are still in the "live" platform for the soft opening of all live, with a professional coach, will be the happy scene of comprehensive park in front of the reader.

With a good experience, some citizens simply went to the annual card of trampoline paradise.

, according to the yangzi evening news reporter followed for the children to the trampoline park is "daddy", "some children made a whole afternoon in it are reluctant to leave", a field staff said.


Personal experience

The high platform jumps the excitement, the devil slide is difficult to look directly.

At the scene, the yangzi evening news reporter also experienced a "jump" feeling on the trampoline, is said to be "jump" rather than "churning", as a "player" in the early, after all, still can't make too many difficult moves;

But in the midst of the jump, the moment of "leaving the earth's surface" is exhilarating.

Unable to grasp the rhythm of the jump, the reporter often fell "four to eight", but can also "bounce"...

Journalists also experienced a "jump", the so-called "jump", is a leap from relative height and, following a trampoline piled high with cushions, do sufficient buffer is not dangerous, just look down on the stage of a scary, are more exciting.

First reporter for this project is "reject", but in the end, tickling, the heart is trying to jump and falling process there is a moment of "fly" the feeling, but the next moment the whole body is close contact with soft greasy sponge comfortably the;

Faced with the 90-degree vertical "devil slide", the reporter is a little "afraid to look", but the children around them still have a lot of fun.

At present, the airplay trampoline park has entered into the phase of business formally, Monday to Friday morning single experience can enjoy a discount 5, only at the front desk on the micro letter of basket of cardiac jiangsu public number.

Welcome parents bring their children to enjoy the parent-child time, experience sports fun!