Not Just Jump Trampoline Park, But A Healthy Exercise

- Dec 06, 2017-


At 3:00 pm on May 7th, when Xiaobian entered the trampoline theme park on the third floor of the Weixingxing Cube, a lot of people were lining up for ticket admission. Many parents and friends had already entered their home with their baby in advance Stimulate the joyous journey, the exciting screams and happy laughter of each game area on the scene are intertwined, so that we can not wait for the stare ...


It is well-known that trampoline exercise is a very good exercise for both adults and children. It's not just jump trampoline park.Children often trampoline to promote height growth, exercise limbs, prevention can also improve the concentration of children learning; adult trampoline, also can play to reduce the benefits of obesity. Of course, such a rewarding and rewarding activity is widely loved by all, and for many families with young children, it is a paradise for parent-child interaction. Bringing children or friends in pairs releases stress and jokes. , Take away the health!


Activity site, the staff warmly explained for everyone the Star Cube trampoline theme park a few big play points: First, enjoy jumping, relieve stress and retrieve childhood happiness; Second, jumped into the sponge pool, as if placed in a happy and comfortable ocean; three , Dunk in the air, giving the NBA dunk cool dunk experience; four, against the dodge ball, enjoy the thrilling flutter fun; five, professional coaching instructor skills, so that we play a new tricks to play new height.


Finally, "Goddess special live" move ended, friends and friends come to participate in the activities are still unfinished, have said the next time with children or friends over to play, and the Star Cube theme park is to make the scene of the little kids Lost and reluctant to leave ...


It is reported that Star Cube trampoline theme park is an indoor trampoline theme park, covers an area of 5,500 square meters. This set of entertainment, sports and fitness as one of the trampoline park, equipped with free bouncing area, professional bungee area, flexible three-dimensional maze, trampoline basketball area, dodge ball and other projects. And Star Cube Trampoline Theme Park is also specially equipped with a rest watching area, both adults and children, where you can fully release the body and mind!