North American Youth The Most Popular, The Hottest Sport - Extrem Trampoline Park

- Dec 05, 2017-

China Jiangsu network May 17 hearing the same as Jordan can domineering smart dunk, like gymnastics as easy to churn, but also as astronauts general experience of "gravity-free flight" What is such a movement? There is a saying called extreme trampoline park, in early May, tin city opened a trampoline park, players can enjoy here tumbling + jumping + slam dunk stimulus.

Trampoline park originated in the United States, is one of the most popular and hottest sports in North America. It combines a variety of techniques like gymnastics, acrobatics, diving, basketball, handball, volleyball, parkour, dodgeball and aerobics. Become the better extreme trampoline park for people to show their talents

Wang coach here told reporters that trampoline is very simple and easy to learn, experts can take off in the air about 2 meters high. At the request of a reporter, he also performed a large trampoline dunk at the scene, taking off, tumbling in the air, and then dunking. All the actions were done in a smooth, brilliant and extreme way.

However, it is not so easy to play trampoline. Reporters on the scene encountered several male players for the first time to play, even under the guidance of professional coaches, most of the people in the process of the first take-off and landing still appear Yang or lying attitude, full of smiling faces. "Although it's easy to learn, it's hard to play, so we recommend that players start with simple moves and then slowly churn up or even dunk," said Wang's coach.