No Excuse To Be Happy, Large Outdoor Trampoline Grand Opening

- Jan 10, 2018-

Happy, no excuse

It is reported that 100 square meters of large-scale trampoline equipment will be airborne in the future square, build a "fun jump trampoline park." Large outdoor Trampoline Parks from the United States focus more on adult sports and youth sports, are aerobic exercise. Because the soft and elastic trampoline can not only absorb the pressure exerted on the tendons of the joints when exercising, but also can effectively prevent the sports injuries. At the same time, it can also promote blood circulation, speed up the metabolism, and improve the psychological quality of people. As a result, it is generally loved by adults and family members around the world. Whether you come alone or with your children, this sport offers the greatest pleasure.


The way you participate in the activity is fairly straightforward, with full spending during the event or elimination of points by the member to participate in the experience.

In addition, customers who enter the top 10 every day qualify for a free trial. So, take immediate action to join this fun flight without gravity. During the event at 16:00 on the 13th, will host a professional trampoline performance, fancy trampoline, trampoline dunks will bring everyone as much as the Olympic Games project thrills and excitement.


Heart, immediately shot

During the "FUN JUMP Indoor Trampoline Park", Ocean Plaza Futures will also hold "FUN PLUS Delicious Journey" activities simultaneously. Sports and food is a twin brother, and enjoy the food after the sport is a great pleasure in life.

During the event, consumers at the entrance of the Olympic Games logo affixed to the designated shop arbitrary consumption, spending 5 per household, with the cumulative consumption of small votes, you can in the layer of "FUN JUMP Trampoline Park" area redemption dining 50 yuan A voucher, or a "FUN JUMP Trampoline Park" a permanent ticket. 50 yuan vouchers in Western restaurant, Meizhou Dongpo, a small initial color, clouds dishes, Bayi Lord these gourmet shop consumption, so that their food journey does not stop.


From July to August, Miraflores Plaza welcomes its guests from the warm-up of the summer flea market, the tie-dye hands of the Tanabata festival, and the wave of everyone at the Rio Olympic Trampoline Park. If you want to participate in more activities, pay close attention to the Future Square official WeChat, will definitely make you harvest many surprises.