Ninjia Warrior Course

- Oct 08, 2019-


Ninja warrior course, also known as ninja road, ninja space.It is one of the hottest competitions in trampoline park, derived from American TV shows, with various events, which is a new way to challenge your balance, strength and flexibility.

The challenger needs to complete the race through jungle, u-shaped ladder, ribbon, sponge belt, hanging door, bridge, pontoon, crawler, circular slide ladder, rope, balance beam, ladder and other items, suitable for children and adults.

Ninja warrior course is designed to blend running, jumping, climbing and balancing to create fun adventures.It also offers amazing exercise to build children's endurance.

After the success of the game to bring pleasure and sense of achievement to the players.

To play ninja warrior course, you need to move all the parts of your body to work in harmony. You need to coordinate your hands, feet, eyes and body in a way that makes them more sensitive. So it improves your child's physical coordination, which is very good for your child's physical development.

It also enables the child to explore the environment and satisfy his curiosity.