My Friend Experienced A Back Somersault In A Cheap Trampoline

- Jan 31, 2018-


May we often see a lot of foreigners play trampoline in micro-blog, but few can find suitable for adult trampoline hall in the side, the air factory is for everyone to play, not only lets you run jump here in the cheap big trampoline, can let you forget the troubles, let the heart to relax the tension for a while.

The air factory originates in Beijing and has opened 7 branches throughout the country. It is a large entertainment and entertainment factory that integrates trampoline, rock climbing, naughty castle, sponge pool, dunk board and catering. It sets a single trampoline into a large trampoline factory, so that every player can skip to the bottom.


When I was young, I always had a dream that I should play the basketball once. I think this should be the common dream of every young basketball player. In air factory, you can really accomplish your dream. You can easily play a basketball game by jumping up a trampoline.

How long did you have to play the slide, is not a slip to usually see children playing on the slide or ass itch? But quietly ass change with age has not sat in the slide, the factory in the air you don't have to worry about this problem, because the slide really super super wide, 90 degrees let you slide down the slide vertical ow. A jump headlong into the sponge pool feeling is super cool, like a nest in the soft sofa, suddenly bursting a sense of security.


The general coach of the air factory, a national junior gymnast champion and a national first class athlete, had a hundred figures in the air. All the walls are here to allow you to experience the feeling of fly over the walls of 360 degree rotation, flip high difficulty be nothing difficult, without considering the gravity of the constraints, everyone can experience flying stimulation, as training will be a martial arts masterpiece.


And a major highlight of the air factory is that there are a lot of professional commercial air purifiers in the stadium, which work 24 hours a day, to ensure that when you play, the air is clear and fresh, even if haze is very serious, there will be no impact on the day.