More Than 300 Children Enjoy The Trampoline Park Jump

- Dec 07, 2017-

Xinhuanet Xinyu, June 18 "Windmill Cup" 2017 National Children's Trampoline Performance Conference came to an end on the 18th in Xinyu Sports Center Basketball Hall, with 44 from Beijing, Shandong, Jiangxi, Hunan, Henan, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces Children and children trampoline team a total of more than 300 children attending. Guo Linsheng, director of China Volkswagen Trampoline Promotion Committee, said that the popularization of young children's trampoline has filled in the gaps in the domestic kindergarten physical education curriculum and provided a systematic and operable curriculum for physical training in kindergartens.


Since the first national performance in 2011, a safe, happy, healthy and upward toddler trampoline campaign has been launched. In 2015, the State Sports General Administration formally named this emerging form of early childhood child movement a "trampoline for infants and young children." The first national trampoline performance for children and children was held and the nationwide promotion of the kindergarten system was started.

Country Lin introduced children's trampoline set of popular sports fun and safety in one can fully enhance the physical and mental health of children. Not only to develop children's athletic ability, improve body coordination, but also effectively train and adjust the balance of children, responsiveness, and comprehensive development of muscle groups, bones, cardiovascular and other functions. The popularization of children's trampoline has also filled in the gaps in the domestic kindergarten physical education curriculum and provided a systematic and operable course content for physical training in kindergarten.


In recent years, with the support of the State Sports General Administration and various social groups, the children's trampoline movement from scratch, from small to large, and gradually spread throughout the country and more kindergartens. Today, children's trampoline has been formally included in the State Sport General Administration Gymnastics Center and Youth Division's government social promotion project. China Trampoline and Skill Association further introduced the national public trampoline grade standards and pass class (1-5 level). This series of measures have profoundly affected the development of children's trampoline in all parts of the country, especially the kindergarten and child care system.


Xuzhou kindergarten teacher Jia Wang Xinhua Road Kindergarten Dong told reporters that her kindergarten in March and April this year began to introduce children's trampoline. After months of experimentation, experimentation and exposure, and targeted exercises such as flexibility, four small contestants were selected for the 18th race. Small players also said that trampoline "is very fun, trampoline park jump is like flying."