Mission Hills Haikou Indoor Trampoline With Net

- Dec 24, 2017-

Mission Hills Haikou indoor trampoline with net,eight play points

Play a bit, enjoy jumping, release pressure, retrieve childhood happiness.

Say goodbye to mobile opium, Mom and Dad play with their children, enjoy family happiness, I believe you will fall in love.

Play point two, jumped into the sponge pool, fully decompression of happiness.

Jumped into the sponge pool leap, submerged myself in a soft sponge pool. Get full decompression fun.

Play three, the air dunk

NBA star in the sky blue trampoline blue you want to try? Bounce to help you easily.

Play four, against the dodgeball

Two teams 4-8 people, in accordance with the rules to play dodge ball, the remaining number of teams won the victory, enjoy the thrilling fun.

Play five, professional coaching guidance flip tactics

If you need, bounces provide one-on-one skill training by professional coaches.

Play six, professional climbing area, fun climbing area

Try climbing up the climbing wall, do not worry if you accidentally fall, and the soft sponge pool below where you hug you.

Interesting Climbing with Professional Protectors Exercise your child's body very well and are a favorite sport for kids.

Play seven, rainbow network, rainbow tree

Three-story nearly 5 meters of high-expansion area, to ensure the safety of children under the premise of challenging the courage and courage, each layer in the unsteady prop scene thrilling.

Play eight, racing theme play area

Naughty Castle, scream slide, roller slide let the child's childhood more exciting.