Make You Fun To Fly Baby Trampoline

- Jan 17, 2018-


Make the autumn dynamic

Nearly 2,000 square meters of super cool trampoline theme park

Have you seen it?

Cambridge, Lin Yu town with a global popular cool trampoline theme park

Let you play to fly baby trampoline!


When bouncing off the surface of the earth, experience the clouds

From the gravity of the feeling

Feel the thrill of NBA members jumping dunk

Crazy aerial game

Enjoy your passion


Angry Birds do not anger, baby hi overturned

Life is like an angry bird

Even in the face of things that make you angry, you can not be knocked down

This baby puzzle game, kids happy experience

More affectionate interaction to parents and children


Forest crab, playful

Little crab, crawling sideways, catch a go back to parents

This parent-child fishing moment

Let you share a happy time with your baby


Handmade DIY, cotton candy & pillow

Feel free to change your heart

Workout children's ability

In DIY, with the child sweet and happy growth


Try human taste, taste delicious

Rare so easy a good time, of course accompanied by food

Delicious popcorn, sweet marshmallows

A variety of delicious drinks, fruits and other food

Tease the taste buds of the whole family