How To Maintain The Amusement Equipment Of Different Materials?

- Oct 05, 2019-

1 Plastic and glass fiber: after usable soapy water, disinfect washing powder, bleach waits for diluent soaking, scrub with soft cloth or soft brush, reoccupy clear water rinses clean, wipe with clean cloth or bask in dry, use 84 disinfectant gush to disinfect finally.

2. Soft sponge: scrub with soft cloth and soapy water, or place in the sun to disinfect.

3 Wooden products: wet-resistant, heat-resistant, fadeless wooden parts, can be washed with soap bubble drying, re-use 84 disinfectant spray disinfection.

4 Metal products: if need to rust, usable brush to float rust, wipe with dry cloth, can spray colorless paint after insolation in the sun.

5 Electric circuit appliances: before cleaning to ensure power off, prohibit watering, generally wipe with a wet cloth, to be dry and then connected to the power supply.

6. Others: pay attention to that all indoor and outdoor amusement facilities should not have water accumulation. Indoor place often ventilated, and weekly with hydrogen peroxide spray disinfection wall; Check whether the connection is firm, whether the need for lubrication, whether the damage.