Low Price Big Trampoline Quality Is Good And Fun

- Jan 16, 2018-

Put on the Low price big trampoline socks, stepping into the trampoline area, we can not wait to bounce. Bouncing for a while, trampoline coach began doing all kinds of cool moves, scared sister's face.


Squad bomb, back bullet, front flip, back flip ... Compared to children simply trampoline bounce, adult trampoline more than a lot of action. As long as you want to learn, the coach will teach you patiently.


In these moves, everyone will learn to bomb first (after all, the simplest). This time it is recommended to professional trampoline area, because the two professional trampoline elastic maximum, better leveraging.


Sit bomb, in fact, is to sit posture dropped from the air, and then bounce, and stood up in the process of bouncing, the whole without hands.

Here to teach you a cheat, want to play a successful bomb, it is necessary to try to lift the legs straight up, so that the buttocks, the center of gravity forward.


In addition to the professional area, the sponge pool is the most attractive place for me, watching the coach demo rotating, jumping, I'm closed ... Oh no, it is rotating, jumping, plus somersault, it is eager.


Before jumping into the sponge pool, my heart is a great fear, but hesitation, was pushed to the coach (smiling face).


Deep sponge pool, one in eight Han station into, can not pass his waist. After jumping in, you will find that, in fact, a little bit of pain does not seem to fall on a ball of cotton.

Courage to jump into the pool in a variety of poses, was wrapped in colorful sponge blocks me, an instant back to childhood.


Next to the sponge pool, there are two basketball stands, the trampoline under the shelf can double the jumping force, ordinary people can try to dunk!

In addition, there is a collision zone, and a small sponge pool for children to play.


The longest trampoline here, it is suitable for parkour-friendly friends, slope design allows people to play more tricks. A little brother that day, the use of trampoline turned directly over a "hill", the side of the girls are shocked.


In fact, the most important trampoline to two points, one is to pay attention to safety, if someone in the sponge area, do not force into the pool, at the same time, the coach stressed the dangers of action not to do.

Second, courageous, sponge pool in fact fell into it does not hurt, so you can boldly jump inside


In addition, the trampoline hall next to the archery hall. Archery field membership system, professional coaching for teaching, very professional. Look at this bow and arrow sister, is not very attractive!

In addition, there are billiards and dart machines, I believe so many entertainment activities for a day so that you can not stop playing.

Address: Fu Jia Po Terminal on the second floor

Charges: Hourly charges, if not an hour to play plus 10 yuan / person is not limited.

Business hours: 12: 00-22: 00 (except thirty, first day, second day, as usual)