London Disneyland: Details Of Plans For Europe's Biggest Playground, Worth £5 Billion, Have Been Revealed

- Nov 23, 2020-

For decades, the British government has been asked almost every day when the UK will have its own Disneyland. ? Where is our Disney! ?

The answer to a perennial question has been revealed: The UK is to spend £3.5 billion on a giant theme park called The London Resort, which will open in 2024.

"We are not here to copy what others have done, but to build our own kingdom of pleasure," says PY Gerbeau, chief executive of London Resort.Officials plan to turn the theme park into Europe's grandest and largest amusement park, surpassing the Disneyland Paris of 1992.

According to Kent Live, The London Resort covers a whopping 535 acres -- The size of 136 Wembley Stadiums -- including two theme parks and one water park. The Design of the London resort will consist of six campuses and the hotel area will contain 3,500 rooms.

Despite its name, "The London Resort" is not in greater London -- it is located just east of London on The Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent.

To make it easier for visitors from London and elsewhere, officials said, the park will be preceded by an express train: a 17-minute train ride from London St. Pancras Station, and a simplified connection with Eurostar will be added to make it easier for visitors from Europe.

One of the park's two parks is expected to open in 2024 and the other in 2029.

It is expected that The park will be divided into six worlds: "High Street", "The Studios ", "The Woods ", "The Kingdom ", "The Isles ", "The Jungle J" and "The Starport".

Visitors and hotel residents will first enter the High Street campus through a huge plaza, where there will be a variety of souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels and an oversized fountain for visitors to play in.

People generally begin to explore The whole park from "The Studios". The Hollywood world looks more like a real-life, modern warehouse cinema block, consisting of multiple Paramount movie-related rides that transport people from reality to the movies and past.

Next, people will enter "The Woods," which is officially described as a "magical and eternally springtime mysterious fairy world," associated with fairy tales and myths, and more like a fantasy world for children.

Then comes "The Kingdom", which brings to life The legendary Dark ages of Arthur, The sword and shield, The prince and The Dragon, The legend and The people.

Next to it is "The Isles". After entering, people seem to have entered The ancient time. All The creatures here are huge, as well as mysterious prehistoric beasts and amazing prehistoric ruins and buildings.

The fifth park is "The Jungle" -- a mixture of The past and The present: primitive tribes, new life, and mysterious props to transport visitors to The future.

The final park is "The Starport," which is set in The 23rd century, when people will be able to meet aliens and ride on super-exciting spacecraft roller coasters.

The park has partnered with major UK/world media, travel and entertainment companies including the BBC, ITV Studios, Radisson Hotel Group and Paramount Pictures, one of Hollywood's top eight Studios.

CEO PY Gerbeau said confidently: "Our goal is to create a superlevel theme park -- a unique destination in the world that maximizes the most up-to-date, immersive and interactive full range of experiences for people."

He also highlighted the importance of recycling green energy as a theme park of the future -- hence the official goal of making the park the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient in the world, with zero emissions.

So far the developers have listened to, analysed and considered all the feedback received so far and PY Gerbeau says it is extremely important to continue to contribute to the community.

In addition, the overall project plan includes the construction of a walking and cycling network on the Swanscombe Peninsula and two ferry piers to be built along the river.

An environmental impact assessment report of more than 300 pages analyzes the project's heritage, flooding, noise, traffic and economic factors. It also reveals the developer's survey of 10 other possible sites, including the Cliffe of the Ashford and Hoo Peninsula, before choosing the Kent site. Swanscombe peninsula was chosen because of its proximity to London. The developers believe the park should be within 100 miles of London.

In addition, planners examined current land availability and use, environmental constraints, and traffic connections (non-car mobility).

They found excellent road conditions at the Swanscombe site, including A2 and M25. Although traffic near the Dartford Crossing is often prone to congestion, the £6.6bn Lower Thames Crossing project is proposed to ease it.

As the first part of the public consultation, the London Resort says it will propose a number of substantive improvements to address the problem.

The infrastructure upgrade will include a new road linking Ebbsfleet International Station, one of the Eurostar stations, to the theme park and passenger terminal. The road connecting The A2 to the coach station and passenger ferries.

Officials now plan to start construction in 2022, and the first phase will be completed in 2024!