Large Jump Trampoline In The Park To Enjoy The Release Of The Explosive Never Seen

- Jan 17, 2018-

The 13th National Games will be held on August 27, 2017 in Tianjin, the competition period of 13 days, which is the largest, highest level, the most influential comprehensive sports meet. The biggest reform and innovation of the Tianjin National Games is an increase of mass competitions. This also allows Tianjin citizens enthusiasm for the movement up.

In this context, large-scale trampoline paradise and "MPT anti-gravity Games" came into being. Tianjin's first large-scale trampoline park covers an area of 200 square meters, with a total of six creative experience areas, including free trampoline area, balance pass area, basketball arena, climbing area challenge, sponge foam area, even younger children set up marine exploration area , Experience a variety of anti-gravity entertainment experience.

In the free jump trampoline area, the participating citizens can feel the same moment as the players in the air while floating in the air. In the area of balancing pass-through, you can make friends with your balance to compete in a balance. In the basketball arena, you can rely on the elasticity of the trampoline, In the sponge foam area you can immerse yourself in the foam to experience soft mechanical support; in the rock climbing area you can compete quickly; in the ocean exploration area, children can leap into the ocean ball pool to feel the summer ocean cool and joy .

On the very day, the event was just started, attracting hundreds of citizens. Every young child with innocence, fresh and curious fashion men and women, innocent students, energetic children, all in the park to release the explosive never seen before, in the more than 200 square meters of trampoline paradise challenge geocentric Gravity, unrestrained jumping churning, looking for exciting new experience new fun.

Event organizers responsible person said that from July 8 to September 3, MPT Tianjin Century will launch many concessions, so that Tianjin residents in the hot summer with friends and family feel the power of the sky to leap, and lover to show you Highly attractive or elegant ballet in the air, with my colleagues in the class to enjoy the floating moment, releasing unlimited pressure.