Large Enclosed Trampoline To Attract Countless People To Experience

- Jan 11, 2018-

Large enclosed trampoline park area of 2000 square meters, including trampoline area, Warriors Road, Rainbow, Rainbow Tree, climbing area, gun city, trampoline basketball zone, etc., on the second floor with a rest watching area, whether adults or children in the Here you can fully fly the body and mood, through the trampoline for a variety of sports.

On July 9, the first day of "Jump", the MH Mall trampoline park attracted countless parents with children. Whether the sky dunk, or sponge pool, rainbow network, rock climbing area, all make brave wales eager, and even the dads also rolled up his sleeves to play. A surnamed Zhang from Longhua New District said: "It is better to play trampoline instead of letting children play games all day long at home, so as to release their nature of jumping.

Trampoline is a kind of gymnastics exercise which is very popular in foreign countries. In recent years, many indoor trampoline parks have been set up in the United States, Europe and Australia. It has become a new landmark for family weekend parties and young people to play cool sports.