Known As The Children's Paradise Large Altitude Trampoline Park

- Dec 06, 2017-

People's Network, Beijing, June 18 (Reporter Ji Fang) On the 18th, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province Sports Center Basketball Hall became the joy of children's oceans. More than 300 young trampoline teams from more than 44 teams from all over the country brought together this and participated in the "Big Windmill Cup" 2017 National Trampoline Show for Young Children. The most beautiful Olympic champion Wenna also came to the scene, cheering for the children.


Although children's movements are relatively simple, and even mistakes, but their little face always filled with a happy, brilliant smile. Asked children like to not like trampoline, they nodded hard, loud replied: "like!" "Our kindergarten children are often just under the trampoline, and immediately asked the teacher 'Tomorrow we can jump it? Xinhua Road Kindergarten teacher Dong Xiaoxue said with a smile.And he also told us that the kids known as altitude trampoline park , saying it was a jump and flying like a bird.

"Nowadays the children are very happy, and at a very young age they come into contact with relatively professional trampoline education." We used to practice gymnastics first and then to the trampoline. "Watching children bounce around a small trampoline with a tight protective net We, Olympic champion Wenna extremely envious. She said trampoline into the kindergarten, into the children around is a very good thing, "children practice this is definitely beneficial, on balance, coordination, the development of body bones and height growth, are helpful, I A lot of big friends around like the sport very much, this is a very good trend. "

Trampoline is a combination of gymnastics, diving, technique, dance and other elements. The Chinese trampoline team won two gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the trampoline project has since entered the eyes of Chinese people. According to Lin Guosheng, director of China Mass Trampoline Promotion Committee, with the popularization and development of trampoline in our country, the mass trampoline campaign came into being. After years of research and development by relevant experts, a series of complete and mature national kindergarten teaching and interactive systems have been established, including safety trampoline equipment, teacher training, sports exchange and national performance conference.


Since its first national performance in 2011, the safe, happy, healthy and progressive child care trampoline has been booming across the country. In 2015, the State Sports General Administration formally named this emerging form of child care a "trampoline for young children," and held the first National Trampoline Show for Young Children to start a comprehensive nationwide kindergarten system promotion process. The popularization of children's trampoline has also filled the gap of domestic kindergarten physical education curriculum and provided a systematic and operable course content for physical training of kindergarten.

In the 2016 National Children's Trampoline Performance Conference held in Changsha on May 19-22 last year, the China Trampoline and Skill Association further introduced the National Popular Trampoline Grade Level and Grade-1 (Grade 1-5). This series of measures have profoundly affected the development of children's trampoline in all parts of the country, especially the kindergarten and child care system.

As a large preschool institution featuring health education, Jiangxi Windmill Education Group took the lead in introducing the children's trampoline project in the province and achieved excellent results in the promotion and practice of trampoline in infants. In the second session of the 2016 National Children's Trampoline Performance Conference, Jiangxi Windmill Education Group formed the only team in Jiangxi Province and achieved excellent results in the conference. Won the first prize of 4 groups, 1 best soundtrack award.

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