Kids' Favorite Indoor Playground Slide

- Dec 14, 2017-

First of all, from the development status quo point of view: China's inflatable castle equipment industry for children started relatively late for foreign countries, the market is not fully developed, has a broad market space for development; secondly, China's economic development from the point of view, our country With a large population, with the continuous development of our economy, the demand for the development of the naughty Fort industry is also growing. In combination with the current underdeveloped market share, the investment in the naughty fort industry has broad prospects for development.


Step by step to improve the living standards of the people, the quality of life is also more and more attention, in entertainment and leisure investment will only be more and more, the proportion of children's consumption occupy the family is also getting higher and higher, so into the children's entertainment industry The amount of money in the more and more.

Combined with the current social development, due to the increasing pressure of personal and family life and the emphasis of national family planning, many families now only have one child and place all their concerns and hopes on the new generation. They not only send them At the same time, parents' investments in children's skittles are not mean, for fear of children falling behind the starting line before, in order to children's healthy growth, the park inflatable castle equipment for children Become a parent-child interaction the best choice.Kids' favorite indoor playground slide.


Stimulated by a large number of market demands, there will only be more and more amusement parks in our country. Nearly half of the facilities in some big amusement parks rely on imports, and the amusement parks of small and medium size are basically all domestically produced. In terms of price, the same product, Germany is 6 times that of us, the United States is 5 times ours, and Italy is 4 times that of us. Such market conditions are bound to provide favorable conditions for the development of domestic amusement devices in the world , But also to the domestic amusement device manufacturers a greater impetus to development, and strive to improve their product quality, improve the market competitiveness of their products.