Kids Benefit From A Series Of Trampoline Sets

- Dec 25, 2017-

Recently, the popular overseas trampoline brand - cool jumping trampoline theme park, settled Longhua 8 positions. On the same day, Shenzhen Desire storm cool running team trampoline Parkour show, cool Parkour action pocketed children's eye, full of childlike trampoline experience also by parents alike.

Play to rise, the staff warm for everyone to explain the cool jumping trampoline theme park five big play points: First, enjoy jumping, release the pressure to recover childhood happiness; Second, jumped into the sponge pool, enjoy the fun; Third, the sky Dunk, NBA star cool slam dunk experience; four, against the dodge ball, enjoy the fun of fluttering flutter flutter; five, professional coaching guide to play tricks.

It is reported that each jump trampoline park trampoline are imported from the United States, the theme of trampoline sets, divided into expanding training area, free jumping area, slam dunk area, dodge ball area, sponge pool area, etc., are equipped with a rest to watch District, both adults and children, can be fully released here body and mind, trampoline exercise is a very good for both adults and children are good for the health of the sport. Children often trampoline to promote height growth, exercise limbs, prevention can also improve the concentration of children learning; adult trampoline, the same can play to reduce the benefits of obesity.