Indoor Trampolines Are A New Option For Cool Sports

- Jan 20, 2018-

Recently, the first new bounce trampoline park in shenzhen has been officially opened in the city of guanlan lake new town, which has become a new choice for many adults and children in shenzhen to play cool sports.

It is understood that belongs to a kind of gymnastics,Indoor trampoline is a player using the performance from the trampoline bounce acrobatic skills of competitive sports, studies have shown that trampoline is not only beneficial to child body function, coordination development, as well as to children height growth and development of imagination.

In July 2014, the first bounce trampoline park appeared in guangzhou and became a hot spot in the city.

The rebound trampoline park in shenzhen, also attracted a lot of attention, as a newly introduced large entertainment, sports fitness project, rebound trampoline park site usable floor area of 2000 square meters, containing a trampoline areas, rainbow net, guns, the mighty city, climbing area, sponge pool area, ocean ball pool area, etc., have to rest on the second floor viewing area, overlooking the whole venue, achieve the best effect of watching.