Indoor Trampoline For Sale Is Divided Into Recreational Projects, Classic Video Games, Children's Experience Projects

- Jan 29, 2018-


Trampoline was first applied to the field of sports, belonging to a gymnastics, in 2000 was listed as the official Olympic Games events, and then gradually extended to the entertainment area, developed into a trampoline park and all kinds of trampoline clubs. Following the establishment of the first ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards by IATP (International Association of Trampoline Parks) in 2013, international trampoline entertainment programs have begun to take shape.

MAYTEX is the only Chinese manufacturer involved in the development of ASTM standards in the industry. It hopes to consolidate the scattered industry resources in China at this stage, introduce the Asian Sub-council project in the trampoline park and formulate industry standards in line with Chinese characteristics. From the offline theme stadium, MAYTEX will cut the entire trampoline industry chain .

MAYTEX is Indoor trampoline for sale equipment production and R & D company. In 2009, it set up a factory in the mainland to export professional equipment and equipment to the United States, Australia, New and France. In 2016, the company established the self-supporting trampoline sports club brand JUMPFREE to locate sports entertainment complexes of all ages. Officially settled in Ningbo, becoming China's first large-scale American trampoline club built in the shopping mall.

JUMPFREE music base Ningbo store covers an area of 1791 square meters, divided into trampoline theme sports, amusement projects, classic video games, children's experience items, MINI fitness, indoor sports, nutrition theme catering, sports and other regional content. For the B-side customers, including parent company families, white-collar workers, college students and other C-end customers, including the company building, international schools, professional sports venues, extreme hobby organizations.

Trampoline this sport can be combined with a number of sports activities, extending free trampoline area, sponge ball pool area, dodge ball area, super slam dunk area, slide area, trampoline area, fitness area, high-altitude expansion zone and more A social space with entertainment, professional sports, entertainment, in order to open up more C-vertical users. On the other hand, the trampoline incorporated into professional sports, with fitness and educational attributes, can open up relevant training courses and reserve and export related events.

Leki receives more than 3000 person-times a month mainly for parent-child consumption, with a turn-over rate of more than 40%. In the early stage of opening up the market and lowering the consumption threshold, the company adopted a single-rate billing model at about 60 yuan per hour. Recently, Card activities, the current membership of up to 5,000 people.

Revenue mainly from the C-site ticket sales, membership fees and B-side's mission to build, expand activities, the company revenue has over 300 million, the basic breakeven.

Next year, the company plans to accelerate the pace of brand expansion. It will set up five flagship stores in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang and Wuhan to radiate the third-tier cities with concentrated traffic in surrounding areas and complete brand infiltration in the third and fourth tier cities in the form of franchising.