Indoor Playgrounds Teach Children To Perceive The World

- Sep 26, 2019-



"Play" is the most authentic happy state of mind, which leads children to experience interesting activities and learn necessary life skills with spontaneous interest, joy and satisfaction. Play should be the child playing alone or with his companions or walking freely.


1. Break through the limitations of children's paradise. The difference between indoor children's paradise and other types of children's paradise lies in the careful layout, manual area, ninja warrior and trampoline area can be designed, so that children and adults can play games together, and can also communicate and rest together to meet the needs of parents and children.


2. Create a children's private park. During the growth process, children will have various psychological needs, such as the need for safety, independence, autonomy and respect. Solitude is the normal need of psychological development, private children's paradise can meet the psychological needs of children, make them healthy growth.The park also provides children with their own private play space away from adult control. Regions can be planned according to different age groups, such as toddler area aged 1-3 and indoor playground area aged 3-12.


3, Stimulate children's curiosity, some interesting design in the park, different game content Settings, such as wall puzzle game, interactive projection game, fun wall, etc. It will arouse children's desire to explore unknown things, stimulate their curiosity and imagination, and let children acquire knowledge in play and exploration.