In Recent Years There Have Been A Lot Of Professional Cheap Children's Trampoline

- Jan 31, 2018-

In recent years, with the development of the domestic cheap children's trampoline market, there have been a lot of professional trampoline, "air factory" is one of the representatives.

A. what is an air factory?

A place of trampoline and food and beverage to let urban people completely relax

According to the relevant person in charge, the factory is a set of air trampoline, naughty fort, sponge pool, restaurant is one of the major leisure and entertainment, its function is to bring about a thorough relaxation for the fast pace of work and life of urban people, let the young people back to childhood, find fun.


Of course, their various entertainment projects are more popular with children.

Although the air factory is built in the room, its biggest highlight is that there are lots of commercial grade air purifiers in the stadium for 24 hours without interruption, so that the air of the stadium is always fresh.

The responsible person said that the air factory would integrate the traditional small trampoline into a big trampoline Park in the form of combination. This combination breaks through the restrictions of age and occupation. Whether you are a kid or a sports fan who is training extreme sports or a or male sister without sports cell, you can enjoy your HAPPY TIME here. (happy time)

Air factory was founded in May 20, 2016, registered capital of ten million yuan, is now Beijing Beijing dam shop, shop in Sijiqing, Shanxi, Hubei Datong shop shop in Wuhan, Sichuan Chengdu, Shaanxi Xi'an, Guangdong shop shop shop in Jieyang, employs 200 people, and the team continues to improve and expand.


What are the benefits of a B. air factory trampoline?

Strengthen physical fitness, prevent disease, increase appetite, release pressure

Physical fitness: trampoline is the best auxiliary sport to enhance the sense of balance and coordination. Children can be the earliest type of professional contact. If 3-6 year old children learn trampoline professionally, they will have much more exercise ability later than other children. To prevent diseases: trampoline can also promote children's cardiorespiratory function, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, and strengthen the contraction of myocardium. Children's trampoline enhances the function of respiratory organs and plays a good role in preventing common diseases of respiratory tract. Enhance the appetite: trampoline children can increase peristalsis, digestive ability enhancement, increased appetite, nutrient absorption, so that children developed better, anorexia, poor feeding of children need exercise. Release pressure: no matter adults or children can make people play happily in trampoline and immerse in the happy experience of returning to childhood, they can relax their body, mood and release pressure.


What are the entertainment facilities in the C. air factory?

Comprehensive professional bed, bed, naughty fort, let you relax and find fun

According to the introduction, the installation of the entertainment facilities in the air factory is roughly divided into three parts:

The first is the comprehensive bed area.

Comprehensive bed area is the entry-level trampoline, elastic relaxation, for the public, it also has another identity, that is to avoid the ball - this is the ultimate trampoline arena, two teams while on the ground to jump to the other side, with a soft ball the size of a bowling attack. This activity uses a wide range of space and your bouncing force to attack and defend.

Visitors can move undirected to avoid being hit directly by the ball, and at the same time, the ball is attacked by the ball, and the opponent is eliminated one by one.  Dodge ball is very worthy of recommendation for activities held between parties, friends, the corporate sector capital group.

The second is the professional bed area.

Professional bed area, visitors can from gravity, let all the walls on his feet, do not stop flipping; you can also practice your own a leap in the air movement, or staged a simple version of the city scurry, running free bounce.


The third is the naughty castle.

The region through three-dimensional combination of science and form a set of recreation, sports, educational, fitness and other functions of a new generation of children's activity center as a whole, the children love to drill, climb, slide, swing, jump, roll, sway and shake the nature of design, is a new, very comprehensive the children's park.

The naughty castle can cultivate children's independent personality, exercise, brain and intelligence, and has the characteristics of interaction and safety. There are 90 degrees of vertical devil slide to challenge the vision and psychology, deeply loved by the baby.