How To Run And Design A Children's Indoor Playground

- Feb 23, 2020-

1. Planning different sizes and spatial organizations according to the number and age of children.

  The primary consideration in the design of a children's iindoor playground is the number of children served and their characteristics at different ages. Population and age characteristics are important factors in determining the size of playgrounds and space organization.

2.Design based on the child scale is beneficial to the development of children's mind and body.

  In the design of the children's indoor  playground, special attention must be paid to the child's height on the line of sight, the height and size of the play should match the height of the child.

3.The diversity and opportunities of the site activities enable children to remain actively engaged.

  The monotony of the facilities is not a children's playground, so the diversity of activities is important. Whenever a child plays a full activity, he has a variety of other options, which can lead to a natural transition process.

4.Amusement Equipment.

  Children's indoor playgrounds should offer a variety of, extremely interesting elements, because children are tired of monotonous elements more quickly, they switch between different devices, and the play equipment should be strong enough to be safe.