How To Make Reasonable Planning And Layout For A Small Trampoline Park?

- Jul 20, 2020-

Most indoor playground and trampoline park investors will be more concerned about the location and size of the park venue. The bigger the venue, the easier it is to include more entertainment to attract more customers; However, the more prosperous the venue, the more expensive the rent is. For most investors, a sizable venue is good enough, so some investors may have a smaller venue area. In fact, the key point for trampoline park to make a profit is not the size of the park, but the methods and skills of the park operator and venue operator play a decisive role. So how should a small indoor playground park and trampoline park be planned?


1.Give full play to the site advantage

Although the space is not large, some parks have the advantage of floor height, which can make up for the lack of plane space. In such a small indoor children's park or trampoline park, the advantage of storey height can be fully considered in the preliminary planning and design, and amusement equipment functional projects with two or three floors can be designed. This layout maximizes the utilization of the venue in limited space. In addition, this kind of multi-layer structure space paradise will be more exciting and novel, give consumers different novel experience, stimulate the children to explore the unknown and adventure spirit.

2.Reasonable layout


Indoor playground and trampoline park must have their own clear crowd positioning, the target population of their park is children, children or teenagers, according to the positioning of unused crowd selection of some small area and highly interactive amusement equipment. However, when choosing small devices, the physical and mental characteristics of players must be considered. For example, children prefer small toys and colorful interactive projection games, while teenagers prefer sports and challenging stimulating entertainment items.

Furthermore, a variety of devices can be scientifically and reasonably combined to allow more players to play interactively. For example, ocean ball pools are spatially integrated with rainbow rope nets or naughty castle equipment. In the premise of ensuring the safety of children, invisible in the play to enhance the capacity of the park capacity. The children are lively and energetic, like to play in a group. The combination and collocation of a variety of equipment can improve the space capacity and utilization ratio of the park, and can also better create a lively and happy atmosphere, stimulate children's interest and communication skills.

In addition, when designing and planning the layout of small parks, it is necessary to consider the space for upgrading the amusement products in the later stage, avoid the upgrading and upgrading of the equipment in the later stage of the park, leave enough scientific and reasonable pedestrian passageways, effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, and let children play happily in a safe and comfortable environment.