How Much Do Trampoline Parks Cost Money, How Long Can Return To The Book

- Dec 29, 2017-

Mr. Cheung previously operated chain catering and bar business. Once went to the United States to visit the United States trampoline entertainment park. Inspired by this, after returning to China began pondering the trampoline entertainment business.

Trampoline amusement park popular in the United States. In the Sky Zone alone, there are 27 trampoline parks and $ 16 million in revenue last year. Revenue from the trampoline entertainment industry is expected to reach $ 70 million this year.

Mr. Cheung first contacted our salesman. He wanted to open a trampoline theme park. To understand and examine many venues in the trampoline park, he was finally determined to plan the opening of the venue at the 2017 Children's Day.How much do Trampoline Parks cost money, how long can return to the book.


In the initial stage, Mr. Zhang told us that his plan put in about 500,000 yuan. However, because the venue under Mr. Zhang was restricted by fire inspection conditions, his design sketches were structurally and functionally unreasonable. In keeping with our project and design After the teacher communicated in detail, he changed the aisles and design of the firefighting system and integrated the current popular devil slides and ninjas spaces with a few extra functional areas. The actual amount eventually reached 800,000 yuan after the concession.

As Mr. Zhang did a lot of early understanding and study, design programs have their own opinions, designers give professional advice can often be integrated into their own ideas, so the two sides can be described as a pleasant communication. From ordering to production, then to installation and commissioning, within a month's time, Mr. Zhang and salesman chatting reached a full record of 42 pages! Finally in time for the 61, completed the venue as a whole trial.

"We officially opened the indoor trampoline amusement park that day, there are many customers expressed great interest in the morning 9:00 am open to 10 pm the closing time of the original scheduled, full of staff, taking into account the back of the individual queuing Customer, we temporarily postponed business hours to 0:00, which makes people feel both pleasant and happy. "Mr. Zhang told us excitedly.


"Thank you very much for your free pockets for one of my event hosting and professional coaching. I was very supportive for coming from afar. Fifi hosted the wonderful and wonderful event. The atmosphere of the venue was instantly brought up. Thank you! Thank you "

Trampoline park tickets for the membership card form, members within 1 hour: 88 yuan / 1-2 hours: 128 yuan / 2 hours: 168 yuan; non-members were 108 yuan, 148 yuan, 188 yuan.

Although Mr. Zhang was ashamed to disclose the day's turnover, he said it was much faster than his expected capital payback period.

After moving into normal business, 10 staff members were hired to specialize in trampoline business. In the coming months, he will hire 10 full-time and part-time staff to promote trampoline amusement park.

The manager of a trampoline park said: "At the moment, spending mainly young people, but we are committed to attracting people of all ages to spend.Trampoline exercise universal appeal for people of all ages. Everyone wants to experience the feel of flying, and many people should remember the good times to jump in their parents' bed during childhood. "


There are currently more than 1,200 consumers visiting trampolines every week. They have seventy-eight connected trampolines indoors, while padded and foamy marine balls are laid on the ground, and people who play trampolines can enjoy the "fly-by-fly" feeling continuously in a wide space.

Trampoline paradise is a good entertainment, but in any case, investment in trampoline has some risks. Therefore, how to reduce the risk is the primary issue that investors need to solve. The transformation of the pocket house to do the overall solution to the children's paradise, from the site selection, market research, venue design and decoration, event marketing planning, curriculum teaching system and other comprehensive solutions to the trampoline project investment core and common problems, the formation of trampoline amusement park 12s Service system, better service for the industry, but also enhance their own value.