How Much Do Play Trampoline Parks Cost? 6% Discount Shock Coming

- Dec 12, 2017-

Covering an area of 9,980 square meters, this is the newest largest mega trampoline theme park. Dorada Trampoline Park hired a trampoline coach to guide customers the correct exercise, so that music island into fun, entertainment culture and sports industry. Its appearance will change the entertainment style of Changsha citizens, give Changsha a more abundant element of entertainment capital, and give the citizens more fresh entertainment and sports.


Independent trampoline blocks are free to move without difficulty without skills.


Trampoline park climbing do not need to fasten your seat belt and protective rope, soft foam sponge so that you want bravely climb without fear.


The trampoline dunk which the American teenagers are particularly keen to play dunk through the rebound force of the trampoline and help to bounce, which is more interesting and entertaining.


how much do play trampoline parks cost? 6% discount shock coming

Time period A: Official holidays, Fri, Sat, Sun and student holidays during the daytime (9: 30-17: 30 optional 3 hours)

Single ticket 80 yuan (60% off sale, the official price of 129 yuan)

A freshman 120 yuan (60% off sale, the official price of 199 yuan)

Two big one small 160 yuan (60% off sale, official price 269 yuan)

One big two small 180 yuan (60% off sale, the official price of 299 yuan)

Time Period B: All day from Monday to Thursday (3 hours from 9:30 to 17:30, optional) and Monday to Sunday evening (17:30 to 21:30)

66 yuan single ticket (60% off sale, the official price of 109 yuan)

A freshman small 102 yuan (60% off sale, the official price of 169 yuan)

Two small one 138 yuan (60% off sales, the official price of 229 yuan)

One big two small 162 yuan (60% off sale, the official price of 269 yuan)