How Long Have You Not Jumped And Tumbling Adult Trampoline To Invite You To Experience

- Jan 18, 2018-

Indoor trampoline park swept the United States and Europe

In recent years, the United States, Europe and Australia have set up many indoor trampoline parks, gradually swept the streets, become Europe and the United States family weekend parties, young people play cool new landmark sports. Melbourne's Alisa family like to go to the trampoline park with their classmates on weekends. Alisa will play trampoline together with his classmates, practice flip flops, or jump straight into the sponge pit. Dad and mom even said that they prefer jumping to the trampoline park, because this way of exercising is full of happiness and relaxation, letting people forget the stress of work all at once, but immersing themselves in the joyful experience of returning to childhood together with the children.

Trampoline has "air ballet" said

Trampoline is a type of athletic activity where athletes use acrobatics to bounce back from a trampoline and it is a form of gymnastics. Adult trampoline has "air ballet" said. Research shows that jumping is not only conducive to the development of children's body function and coordination, but also conducive to the growth of children's height and brain development. Chinese education circles generally agree that "Chinese children will not play or have time to play, so their creativity is not as good as that of foreign children." Many young parents have already changed their mindset, but also hope that the children's childhood back to them, so that they have time carefree play. Do not doubt the children's love of jumping.

How long have you not jumped?

"How long have you been jumping without jumping?" I believe every adult has said they have not had at least 20 years, and those movements only occurred in childhood. Gymnastics action at the Olympic Games Do you want to try? NBA players in the trampoline dunk you want to try? Rallies tell you that you can feel far more than that.

China's trampoline started 40 years later than Europe and the United States, with the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese team trampled on all the gold medal trampoline project, the project entered the people's field of vision. The domestic few almost a decent professional training base, let alone private trampoline places, it is difficult to find trace.

Miss Cheng, head of the bounce trampoline park, told reporters that at present most of the domestic children's trampoline facilities are set in shady open spaces with poor sanitation conditions and the trampoline area can only accommodate a few children. It is even more impossible for parents to play with their children space. Simple bounce can exercise coordination, body function, reduce obesity. Bounce clubs now also have professional coaches who can offer paid trampoline training.