How Do Indoor Playground Parks Effectively Manage Members?

- Jan 25, 2020-

At present, there are many problems in the membership management of many children's amusement parks, such as the over-expansion of the investment in developing new members, the contraction of the proportion of old customer relationship maintenance services, the insensitivity to the loss of members and so on. Effective member and customer management will increase the revenue of children's paradise。

1.High value member

The top 15% of the revenue of the indoor playground park is the best customer group, which not only has high consumption frequency but also high consumption unit price. After being screened through the system, the "one-to-one" service marketing should be implemented as far as possible, such as mailing birthday experience coupons or other gifts before the customer's birthday.

2.High loyalty members.

The first 50% of the revenue of the indoor playground park shall be contributed, and the interval between the second visit to the store shall not exceed 30 days. This kind is the mainstream customer, namely the old customer, the consumption frequency is high and has the certain consumption ability. So, we have to launch new products from time to time to attract people. For example, through the system in the off-season set full gift, full reduction and other marketing techniques to increase the purchase rate.

3.High unit price members.

The average effective consumption within six months ranks in the top 15%. Single visit to the store cost much more than per capita. This kind of members belong to high-end customers who have high average consumption frequency and consumption amount in the near future. They should provide personalized service and special preferential treatment.

4.Low price high frequency members.

In income ranked after 15%, such member basic without spending power and has a marketing campaign to present, no marketing activities shall not come, every time marketing response to store cash contribution is very low, or almost no cash, so after the consumer behavior through the system selected customers, we can not delimit marketing target population.

5.Sleeping member

Members who have no consumption record within six months. For this kind of members, we should pay attention to the customer flow and change regularly, collect the service feedback information of sleeping customers through communication and exchange, find out the reason why members are asleep, so as to improve our own service and management, find out the marketing shortcomings, and constantly improve our management and production.

6.Significant loss of members

Three months consumption frequency is more than 50% of the cumulative frequency, such member such as do not maintain will be sleeping soon, so we have to through the member management system, always grasp the dynamics of their, screened obvious loss of members on a regular basis such as marketing, activate their consumption frequency, let the customer feel our care.