How Can The Indoor Playground Park Be Prepared After The CORVID-19 Is Ended?

- Apr 10, 2020-

The governments of Austria, Denmark, Norway and the Czech Republic announced this week that they plan to begin gradually lifting the social blockade imposed by the outbreak of new coronapneumonia, Sky News reported on April 7. 

Other European countries, such as Italy, Spain, Germany and France, where the outbreak is relatively severe, are also planning how to "unseal". 

So how can the children's indoor playground be prepared for the opening of the park?

1.Do a good job of health before opening the park.

The operators of the park should hire a professional cleaning company to carry out a comprehensive disinfection work, do not let go of every corner, for customers to create a healthy and safe environment, so that visitors can play at ease, have fun. At the same time, training courses should be held for employees to teach them the necessary knowledge in the protection of the outbreak, And make sure employees know how to do their daily cleaning。

2.Do a good job of protection during business

The amusement projects in the park should be managed according to the requirements of epidemic prevention, and the daily reception shall not exceed 50% of the carrying capacity of the park design. The park can be all visitors to the park to implement a "one-in-one test-one registration", real-name registration, temperature testing, disinfection inspection and other measures to ensure the safety of customers, smooth, orderly access to the park.