High Jump Trampoline Can Stimulate The Enthusiasm Of Children To Actively Participate In The Experience

- Jan 12, 2018-

Busy work to children and parents less interactive, and even the weekend are more difficult to take the time to spend with their children, the long-neglected spirit of the child caused irreparable harm. This summer, an instant more than half, you still busy for a reason, without children to play it? Not take advantage of the last summer vacation, take your child to play indoor children's playground!


Chi cubic interactive high jump trampoline is a projected large trampoline interactive system, the interactive technology and the traditional indoor children's playground trampoline perfect combination of the bland trampoline upgrade has become a lot of interactive games with the interface, as the user's body bounce, Various interactive effects will be followed by changes accordingly, allowing users to enter a wonderful combination of real and fantastic wonderful world!


Cubic Interactive Trampoline play simple, children only need to bounce the activities of physical activities can be directly involved in the projection of the game directly, but also with a variety of fun game themes, such as crazy monsters, trampoline game scene will appear a variety of different Of the monsters, children jumped in the process of jumping up and down, select the monster for the foothold, landing on the monster can be eliminated, to stimulate the enthusiasm of children enthusiastically participate in the experience. In addition, there are two wonderful interactive games such as jumping ball and Star Wars. The interactive system can simultaneously analyze many people's movements so that children and children, parents and children can interact with each other. The real To achieve the effect of multi-person interaction, to shopping malls, playgrounds and other unexpected highlights of science and technology.


Chi cubic interactive trampoline allows parents and children more interaction between the same time, parents from boring waiting and uncontrollable anxiety. Believe that when you step on the super interactive entertainment trampoline, you will laugh more brilliant than the children Oh.