High Elevations Trampoline Park Is A Very Good Sport For Kids.

- Dec 05, 2017-

October 3, trampoline popular overseas brand - cool jumping trampoline theme park officially settled in Longhua 8 positions opened on the same day invited Shenzhen Children's TV "baby food friends" section of the prestigious show host Mr. Xu Qiang came to the scene, attracted Many "little fans" have attracted many families to come to the site to experience.


After a simple interaction, Shenzhen Desire Storm Cooler Parkour cool runway show, the scene once brought into orgasm, cool Parkour action pocketed children's eye, full of childlike trampoline experience has also been Parents alike.Let everyone know about base jump trampoline park.Most parents said that it is better to play trampoline here instead of letting children play games at home, so as to release nature and exercise.

Play to rise, the staff warm for everyone to explain the cool jumping trampoline theme park five big play points: First, enjoy jumping, release the pressure to recover childhood happiness; Second, jumped into the sponge pool, enjoy the fun; Third, the sky Dunk, NBA star cool slam dunk experience; four, against the dodge ball, enjoy the thrilling flutter fun; five, professional coaching instructor skills.


In fact, the trampoline in the United States has long been a well-known movement, and mainly through the audience's terrain trampoline environment, so that participants experience the fun of jumping, very popular with adults and children and loved, but in China, trampoline though not Said to be a rare sport, but generally not scale. Until recently, there was a relatively large-scale trampoline park forming in China, one of which was the Cool Jump Trampoline Theme Park. Cool Trampoline Theme Park, co-founded by two Canadian-born young entrepreneurs, Zhang Enlai and Li Zhenwei, came to realize that trampoline played a significant role in human health during their overseas lives. After returning home, the two entrepreneurs found that In China, trampolines are basically only open to children due to space and equipment constraints. So they decided to return to the founding of the world's temporary section of the trampoline theme park, trampoline movement should be formally introduced into the country, as a national sports.


Cool Jump Trampoline Park (Longhua 8 positions) Each trampoline are imported from the United States, the theme park is divided into expanding training area, free jumping area, slam dunk area, dodgeball area, sponge pool area, are equipped with rest The viewing area, where adults and children alike, fully liberates body and mind, and trampoline exercise is a very healthy exercise for both adults and children alike. Children often trampoline to promote height growth, exercise limbs, prevention can also improve the concentration of children learning; adult trampoline, the same can play to reduce the benefits of obesity. The benefits come from high elevations trampoline park


Such a healthy exercise, I believe, will certainly be able to be loved by the vast majority of young people. Since then, residents of Longhua New District have had another family weekend party and the young people have become cool landmarks for sports.