Heavy Duty Trampoline Also Can Not Stop The Children's Favorite

- Jan 15, 2018-

In fact, very young, South like the "Heavy duty trampoline." At that time, my grandparents' bed at home was a steel wire bed, south and south I do not know how to find this bed is very flexible, jumped up in the above is very interesting, especially like jumping in bed. Of course, the wire bed does not have a real good trampoline, can not jump so high, but there is no trampoline, which is very good. Shortly after jumping, grandma grandma found that the wire bed has fallen, adults have fallen asleep above. They started to stop South and South from jumping on the bed again, but now it is still here. Grandma's bed is not only a South-South "trampoline" but also a stage where she performs. She often shows her "dancing" in bed.

Later, South-South returned to Beijing, jumped on our bed again, and dumped our Simmons. And often do not take off your shoes to go to bed, we said many times do not work. Hing comes, go to bed, what shoes to take off shoes?