Gymnastics Champion Eyes Trampoline

- Dec 04, 2017-

On the first day of 2017, the National Gymnastics Champion Zhu Zhenquan invited the National Gymnastics Champion Zhu Zhenquan to make wonderful performances on the stage of the third floor of the shopping center on January 1, 2017, on the New Year's Day and the rebound of the second indoor large-scale trampoline park in Changsha City Central Market Shopping Mall. Fancy Trampoline Show.

Zhu Zhenquan, a national champion, the 2012 National Gymnastics Championships runner-up, the 2013 National Gymnastics Championships champion, the 2013 National Games gymnastics competition honors third, the 2014 National Gymnastics Championships third runner-up. He performed at the scene, body jump, pounding, sub-leg jump, volts and missiles, rebound, rebound 360 °, front flip 180 °, backflip, pusi 180 °, pike backflip, straight Front flip 180 °, straight backflip, free performance.

Zhu Zhenquan introduced to the trampoline is an athlete to use the performance from the trampoline bounce acrobatics skills competition sports, it is a kind of gymnastics. Nowadays, children often lack physical training and lack of exercise. Trampoline is actually a body function that can exercise children very much. At the same time, it can bring flight trampoline park to children. Trampoline in foreign countries is a very popular sport, whether children or big friends, as a sport are very suitable. In recent years, the United States, Europe and Australia have set up many indoor trampoline parks, gradually swept the streets, become Europe and the United States family weekend parties, young people play cool new landmark sports.

The rebound trampoline park, located in Changsha City, China, has a total area of more than 2,000 square meters. It is the 9th chain nationwide with trampoline, brave, rainbow, rainbow trees, climbing area, gun city, trampoline basketball area and sponge pool area , Marine ball pool area, racing theme play area (naughty fort, screaming slides, roller slides) and so on. Whether adults or children, where you can fully fly the body and mood, through the trampoline for a variety of sports, to achieve your dream of chasing childhood.