Good Cheap Trampoline More Suitable For Public Consumption

- Jan 18, 2018-

Olympic project "trampoline" ordinary consumers can experience

Trampoline with "air ballet," said the 2000 Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, trampoline was listed as an official event. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese athlete Wenna won the gold medal in the trampoline project. Trampoline This sport started to be public understanding.

Accompanied by more and more people playing trampolines, trampoline Museum also came to the side of Hangzhou citizens. By the end of September this year, a trampoline halls called "Fun Fun" opened in Xiasha.

Inspired by the shop owner Zhou Jianbo daily careful observation - Earlier this year, he found that in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, there have been many trampoline. He deliberately went to a trampoline house in Shanghai to experience a bit and found that the sport was very interesting. Young people and children were quite interested.

Subsequently, he began to explore the feasibility of this industry in Hangzhou market. He found that some domestic shopping malls have trampoline projects, but often only for young children, little fun.

Zhou Jianbo optimistic about large-scale adult trampoline paradise, holding try the idea, he began preparations for the shop.

"Interesting fun" trampoline hall is based on the transformation of the old factory, "trampoline on the stratum height is relatively high, so we will do 9 meters high, large enough space." Zhou Jianbo said the total area of more than 2000 square meters stadium , In addition to the main project trampolines, there are climbing, naughty Fort, the devil slide and other projects.

Professional sports into the trend of civilians

In addition to trampoline, as well as equestrian, rock climbing, fencing and so on

Fun fun trampoline hall, trampoline project is divided into dunk area, dodgeball area, Free-style area and other function blocks. "Each district is equipped with two coaches who are not only responsible for customer safety, but also trampoline guidance for them," said Zhou Jianbo.

"Trampoline is not only a good fitness activity but also a very entertaining one." Zhou Jianbo said that many parents will take their children to experience the trampoline as a kind of parent-child sport.

At present, the "fun fun" trampoline hall price is 88 yuan / 2 hours. Another trampoline hall in Hangzhou - Sky Park trampoline park public comment shows a single experience price is about 90 yuan.

In Zhou Jianbo view, Good cheap trampoline more suitable for public consumption. "Now the customer base is concentrated in children, adolescents, young people, etc. It is likely to be followed by competitions," he said.

Zhou Jianbo quite confident about the future of the industry, the current operating conditions, he is also very pleased. "More and more people love sports, compared to running, swimming, trampoline for young people, children are more interesting." Zhou Jianbo said that as long as the operation goes well, consider opening stores in more places.

In recent years, more and more competitive sports including trampolines, such as equestrian events, rock climbing, fencing, etc., that require professional skills have been improved and introduced into the market by merchants. According to Zou Jie, secretary-general of Hangzhou Sports and Leisure Industry Association, this is a trend of entertaining and common-user sports.