Go To The Grand Trampoline Park To Jump Together, Can Also Experience A Fly Feeling.

- Jan 09, 2018-

Summer camp

Shanghai wusong port international cruise terminal.

Summer is the best time for children to broaden their horizons and enrich their knowledge. Unlike other ways of traveling, cruise ships attract adults and children with their unique charm.

Summer camp sounds special.

Take the kids to see the world and start here.

Subject to the conditions of network, cruise when driving on the high seas area there is no network, so the work at ordinary times busy mom and dad can finally get rid of mobile phones, and the children enjoy the happy time on the cruise.

The deck is running around, the library is quiet reading, or participating in the various activities organized by the cruise ship, in short, they are not disturbed by communication.

And cruise activity space is relatively closed, most areas are carpet area, for the baby in the cruise ship free activity is safe, you don't have to worry about a turn will be more meet "traffickers".

On board, children can play with waiters, guests and children of the same age, and it is also a good chance to develop social skills.

It is worth mentioning that in order to let the children to have more happy time at sea, on August 22, hair on the cruise, "knife knife dog" author mr.murong knife also invited boarding, temporary will become children painting teacher;

The handsome photographer, ma jinghua, has become a photography teacher. He has won awards in national and international photography competitions, and he is sure to double the children's harvest.

In addition, there are piano, English, swimming, dance and other courses for children, which are embellished with the sea time.

The sense of flying

Trampoline park.

Grand trampoline is a popular sport in the United States, and people of all ages can participate in it, not only for fun, but also for physical exercise.

Now Shanghai has it too!

Located at no. 65, Yin gao road, gaoqiao town, baoshan district, it is the largest trampoline theme park in China.

This summer, the child finally can not be at home to jump sofa, together go to trampoline park to jump enough, still can experience a "fly" feeling.

Trampoline park is divided into the extension training area, the happy children zone, the free jumping area, the space walk area, the dunk master area, the dodge ball area, the sponge pool area, the adult children can enjoy it.

Do dads always dream of being "cherry trees"?

Your dream will come true here.

Never flinch from your child, and you might end up worse off than he is.

In addition to jump up and down, in here, and for children's recreation areas, there are items such as rock climbing, adventure camp, go rope, wooden bridge, climbing up and down, not only exercise the children courage, can also consume a lot of "little overlord" excessive amounts of electricity.