Fun And Fun Jumping Street Trampoline Park

- Dec 09, 2017-

Let the trampoline become a national sport

Speaking on the audience of trampoline, Zhang Menglan said without regret: "In the United States, trampoline is a very popular sport and is very popular with adults and children. It has become one of the daily activities of American citizens. Moreover, Large scale, advanced facilities, complete projects.We often have some foreign friends come here to play, from a skill point of view, they all have some trampoline foundation.But in China, although trampoline can not be said to be a rare sport, but generally not Scale, a lot of more simple, not only not very good athletic performance, but also the lack of security is still immature conditions in all aspects of the majority of people love trampoline feeling frustrated until in recent years, only slowly However, there are still many parents here who just play with their children and do not participate in it, and we are always trying to break this solidification and let more adults participate in this sport. "Let more people join the fun and fun jumping street trampoline park.

Zhang Menglan said: "At present, adults will come to the trampoline, one is hobby sports, especially extreme sports or parkour.We are here about one or two Parkour team came training every week, because they are on the trampoline Or you can safely practice some of the action.The second is to release the pressure of ordinary people jumping up to 20 minutes on the trampoline, it will sweat, and this is a good way to release the pressure. Is to organize activities, and about every week there are teams to carry out the mission .There are many projects organized by Shenzhen to do, come here to play is also very enjoyable .In fact, we highly recommend that adults also come to trampoline, you can exercise , Prevention of disease.Because the substantial trampoline jumping exercise can promote the circulation of whole body blood, lymph and various body fluids to achieve the effect of preventing and alleviating the disease.