Fully Upgraded Discount Trampoline For Sales

- Dec 23, 2017-

In the summer of the Olympics, Century Department planned a series of promotional activities with the theme of "Summer Yue Move", setting off a wave of popular sports and taking the lead in launching the rare "trampoline paradise" in the city since July 23.Fully upgraded  discount trampoline for sales


Located in the Shennan Avenue Century Department of the introduction of the city's rare indoor trampoline paradise, an area of up to 100 square meters, the park has different interactive areas including jumping trampoline, tramp ball bunk area, fancy sponge pool, vitality climbing wall, colorful Slides and ropeway challenges, so that consumers can relieve stress in the park, enjoy themselves and enjoy the same as the air ballet accompanied by the rhythm of the bouncing fly; or passionate dunk feeling, but also pop out of good health.

In addition, the Century Exchange held a competition called "Guild Wars e-Summer - Family Time" during the weekend of July 23 and July 30. Participants can participate in the Century Trampoline Family through the WeChat account or on-site registration Group Challenge (both for parents and children), winning families can get rich spree, all participants can receive exquisite gifts and WeChat print photos.


During the event, Century Exchange also launched a colorful summer raffle, consumer spending the same day 88 (single spending small votes), you can participate in the lucky draw, prizes including McDull gifts, Hollys Coffee coffee coupons and other limited daily delivery only. The same day consumption over 38 yuan can enjoy the trampoline paradise, trampoline to play, POSE put out, the United States and the sun out to share information and photos of the activities to the circle of friends, set enough 20 praise can also change trampoline paradise experience a coupon, Hi jump fun!