Fully Decompression Exercise Trampoline

- Dec 19, 2017-

Chongqing first bounce trampoline park

1200 square meters of indoor venues

Fully decompression exercise trampoline

Want freestyle, up to you!



           Here, you can challenge the fancy trampoline like a national delegate


Can also be like a star, to a handsome trampoline sky slam dunk


As long as you feel unusual

Can also be the scene to such a performance

Enjoy jumping, relieve stress, and recover your childhood happiness.


Say goodbye to the phone, Mom and Dad play with their children, enjoy family happiness, I believe you will fall in love.

Sponge pool


Jumped into the sponge pool leap, submerged myself in a soft sponge pool. Get full decompression fun.

Air slam dunk


NBA star in the sky blue trampoline blue you want to try? Bounce to help you easily.

Professional climbing area, fun climbing area


Try climbing up the climbing wall, do not worry if you accidentally fall, and the soft sponge pool below where you hug you.

Fun climbing can be very good exercise children's body function, is the way children like to exercise.

Rainbow net, rainbow tree



On the premise of ensuring the safety of children, the three-storey development area, which is nearly 5 meters high, challenges the guts and courage. Each floor is thrilled to ride in the unstable prop scene.

Planet Adventure Park



Planetary Adventure Park (Gunslinger, Screaming Slides and Roller Slides). When children break into the vast planet of the Milky Way, their adventure is about to start! Spacewalk, meteorite obstacles, gunsmiths, and thrilling scream slides and roller slides make your child's childhood even more exciting.