Frog Jump - The Wonderful Play Of The Trampoline For Big Kids

- Feb 03, 2018-

Nanjing fitness frog jump on a trampoline park yesterday officially opened, and there appeared 24 hours "meow fitness" brand. This is a beneficial attempt of the Nanjing sports industry group national fitness brand chain internationalization.

The "frog hopping" trampoline park is a famous brand from the United States. It has 81 venues in the United States and has a "safe jump" certification system. "Meow fitness" is designed to do a body shaping 24 hours intelligent gym, independent research and development of multiple systems including members of management, body fat data acquisition, interactive touch training, currently in Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, a total of more than 16 stores.The unique play of the trampoline for big kids.


After the successful bid for the 2018 World Badminton Championships in March this year, Nanjing ranked the nineteenth place in the world's list of sports influential cities. In addition to the international competition, Nanjing has made great contributions to developing sports industry, promoting sports consumption and promoting national fitness. The sports chain service is an important part of the layout of Nanjing sports industry group. It will also help Nanjing become a "global influential and innovative city" and "Asian Sports Center City and world sports city".