For The First Time Know That A Bouncy Trampoline For Sale

- Dec 23, 2017-


For the first time know that a bouncy trampoline for sale,Experience after falling in love with it.

Trampoline has "air ballet," said most of the Chinese people's understanding of the sport from the 2008 Olympics, Wenna in this project to get the championship start.

And Ding Mingzhu and Dong Kaiwei two real estate men, when studying in Shenzhen is a classmate, this project does not understand, usually do not love sports, trampoline affinity somewhat somewhat coincidental. Ding Mingzhu said last year, a friend in England told them that trampolines are very popular abroad. He wanted to join a brand in the United Kingdom and understand the situation in the country.

The company is located in:

Speaking of the first time to experience the trampoline, they all showed an excited smile on their faces: "We usually do not exercise. The first attempt on that day jumped on the trampoline for a long time, which was both happy and exciting, with a feeling of flying. At that time, we I think this project will be able to become. "

After conducting detailed market surveys, they found that although the trampoline park has been very mature in foreign countries and is also very popular with young people, it is still a blue ocean in the country. Although some trampolines are available, the scale Are small, but mainly for children, large-scale trampoline paradise have ample market space.

Dong Kaiwei told reporters that the trampoline paradise will be divided into dunk area, parkour area, "diving" area and the expansion zone and other functional areas, but also hired a dedicated coach to coach customers.

"Since the trampoline can be both entertaining and downsizing, our future customer base includes teens, young people, white-collar and housewives, and will later launch employee outreach programs for corporate clients." Dong Kai-wei said after the operation is complete Will continue to introduce young trampoline English, competitive events and other activities, in order to improve customer stickiness.

Ding Mingzhu said that Dongguan people love sports, so he is not worried about Dongguan people's acceptance of trampolines. It is reported that the future of Dongguan trampoline project will be as a flagship store, and as a standard construction of domestic leisure sports chain brand, copy it to the country.