Finland Santa Claus Village Amusement Park

- Nov 30, 2020-

Finland is a magical country, because the local scenery and customs attract tourists from all over the world

Santa Claus Village is located eight kilometers away from lovanemi in Finland, Europe. People can clearly see the signs of Tropic of cancer when they walk above the Tropic of cancer. Listening to the name, we know that this is the birthplace of Santa Claus. Every year, people who come here to visit Santa Claus also want to see him.

It's one of the most beautiful features of Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle, so it's not just a sign of Santa Claus in the Arctic circle. The wildlife park here can show you the vitality of northern Europe. Looking into the direction of the Arctic Circle, you can see the vast forest and snow fields. When the night comes, because of the quiet and fine environment here, the starry sky is more dreamy.