Experience A Single Net Trampoline Enjoyment Trip

- Feb 02, 2018-

Famous gymnastics rings Prince Chen Yibing appeared in Shanghai a few days ago, and Dongfeng Citroen SUV Tianyi experience enjoyment trip. In an interview, Chen Yibing said after retirement, he has already joined the tide of the sports industry entrepreneurship, currently served as chairman and CEO of sports.

The event was arranged at 360JUMP, the largest trampoline center in Asia. Although it has been retired for many years, Chen Yi-Bing's arrival triggered an exclamation from thousands of fans at the scene. On-site interactive session, Chen Yibing embarked on a single net trampoline, easily completed several consecutive flutter turn action. Despite the significant increase in weight compared to the era of athletes and the fact that he is not a professional trampoline player, he has stepped onto the trampoline. Chen Yibing immediately embodies the distinctive qualities of the gymnastics prince. The flip flutter action comes in handy. People can not help but sigh, Weight does not matter. "

Chen Yibing This is the Dongfeng Citroen SUV Tin Yat "I have a new enjoyment - SUV Tianyi enjoy city" series of activities to start the platform. The event will take two months and is designed for the benefit of all online and offline "all-weather" activities. Chen Bing himself introduced, and now they are also joining the commercial sea, is a sports company chairman and CEO.

It is understood that after the 2012 Olympic Games, Chen Yibing opted to retire, first as Tianjin Gymnastics Center director, but soon after, Chen Yibing resigned to start sports. In 2015, Chen Yibing founded the sports-type sports and won tens of millions of RMB financing in that year. In addition, Chen Yibing also participated in the investment Fu Yuanhui founded the swimming club.

In an interview, Chen Yibing said the original intention of starting a business was to train the skills of many retired athletes so that they could get better employment. Ultimately, they hope to bring more people to participate in physical exercise and enjoy the fun of sports.