Enjoy The Best Indoor Trampoline Park

- Dec 08, 2017-

Enjoy the trampoline process

"At the beginning of the trampoline is mainly to lose weight," since 2015, trampoline lovers Ye Wenkui told the author. For this reason I was surprised: "Trampoline can lose weight?" In the face of the author's doubts, Ye Wenkui points to an ordinary venue trampoline area: "You can try it out, most people just jumped a 5 to 10 minutes or so, sweat Down, the amount of exercise is actually very large .I started trampoline in 2015, the beginning is Friday and the weekend night, come to work after dinner on the trampoline here, out of the sweat is very much, weight loss is also good. Many of the kids who come here on the trampoline bring sweatpants or several sets of clothes to wash because they nearly jumped half an hour to an hour and the whole body is soaked.Enjoy The Best Indoor Trampoline Park


For Ye Wenkui,Choosing a trampoline to lose weight is just his original motto. As you experience more and more of this sport, the original intention of weight loss has gradually been thrown away. Yeh Wenkui said: "I had not thought of persisting for so long, but it was particularly interesting to meet some like-minded people and a lot of lovely children in the process of trampoline slowly and play dodgeball with children. , But also to master some skills.Although you can not like the athletes as a series of five or six backflips, in fact, the basic skills also mastered some, and sometimes will teach children a few tricks. Trampoline main exercise is the balance of ability Well, I I saw many foreigners and high school students in the arena to play, as long as the balance of power is good, can quickly grasp some of the skills, and play well.

Looking at this theme park suitable for people of all ages, Yeh Wenkui quite feeling: "In fact, there are trampoline in the small thing, I now remember that time was 3 dollars for half an hour, is considered more expensive. But that When the equipment is really very simple, I was too NIC too. Has always thought that the trampoline is a children's toys, did not expect to grow up also have the opportunity to play trampoline, and play more professional, which can be considered to make up for the childhood deficiencies Right. "