Enclosed Trampoline For Kids Experience The Fun Of Sports!

- Feb 02, 2018-

novel! airplay trampoline park

Opened in Pukou Civic Center

More than 700 people in the park "bungee Hi"

In the January 1 formally opened two days before New Year's Day holiday, airplay trampoline park conducted a pilot. Si basket Jiangsu company described as "full of sincerity," as long as its official WeChat public number leave a message "I want to experience", you can enter for free. Such an initiative has also led to the hottest during the trial operation, the park voices, many parents are with children here, "bounce Hi!"

According to the relevant person in charge of the trampoline park introduction, two days, the trampoline park received a total of more than 700 people, under the guidance of professional coaches, we fully understand the fun of this new sport on the trampoline; some children coach in the lead Under, also carried out a number of "competition", the scene is crowded. The day before New Year's Day, the Yangtze River Evening News official live account is still "live broadcast" platform for a full trial of the business broadcast, with professional coaching commentary, the joy of the park scene in all directions in front of readers.

At the scene, the Yangtze Evening Post reporter also personally experienced a jump on the trampoline feeling, the reason is that "jumping" rather than "churn", after all, as a "first player" has not been able to make too many difficult Action; but in the jump, that moment of "leaving the Earth's surface," the sense of pleasure is still very enjoyable. Due to the inability to grasp the tempo of take-off, journalists often fall in "four-headed and eight-pronged" but can also "bounce" again.

The reporter also experienced a "high jump", the so-called "high jump" is from a relative height jumped down, following a trampoline filled with sponge pad, cushioning is no danger, but on the stage Look just below some scary, more exciting. At the beginning, the reporter rejected this project, but in the end she was still feeling unbearable, trying to jump and feeling the moment of whereabouts, but in the next second the whole body was comfortable with the soft greasy sponge In the face of 90-degree vertical "devil slide", the reporter a little "dare not look", but the kids next to or play all the time. At present, airplay trampoline park into the official stage of business, Monday to Friday morning single experience can enjoy 50% discount, then simply concerned about the basket at the front desk Jiangsu Weixin public number can be. enclosed trampoline for kids-Experience the fun of sports!