Dreams Brought By Small Outdoor Trampoline

- Jan 29, 2018-

Isabelle Weall, a 14-year-old girl from Derby, UK, was amputated in both her legs and arms because of meningitis. But she is now a small outdoor trampoline champion, a beauty blogger on YouTube, and is still working hard to be a racer.

It is reported that 7 years ago Isabelle go to school as usual, but suddenly collapsed a few hours later was taken to the hospital. Her parents were told Isabelle heart attack, and multiple organ failure, not long before. But Isabelle stepped in strong but was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and was forced to amputate her arms and legs. After two months of recovery and eight months of wheelchair life, she installed artificial limbs in 2011 and began to learn to walk. To the surprise of doctors and family members, she won the Trampoline Champion of the National No.2 Disability Novice Competition in December 2015 and won the Youth Achievement Award last month. She also posted makeup videos on YouTube and inspired teenagers in pain.

Right now, Isabelle wants to be a racing driver and interviewed by team disability team Team Brit, who will teach her to drive the car. Her parents made a donation to help her realize her dream and wanted to raise £ 5,200 for Isabelle to buy a simulator so she could learn to drive at home and go on-field with a specially controlled car.