Do You Know What You Can Things To Do At A Trampoline Park ?

- Dec 06, 2017-

June 1 is approaching, the children naturally cheer, to this again can playfully, lawless festival, and even adults are also gearing up intend to transfiguration "child", self-willed back. Speaking of the place where 61 is to be played, many people committing some crimes. Everyone knows that Longhua has concealed a lot of places where it can improve physical and mental health as well as increase parent-child relationship. Trampoline Park, with its novelty and fun, will surely make children happy Return, go to the trampoline park "jump" it!

Do not know when, Longhua trampoline park pops up a lot overnight, a lot of space for this venue, the top is not high depression, people quickly integrated. It is said that the sport originated in the United States and is one of the most popular movements among North American youth. Trampoline seems to just bounce around, seemingly as bouncing on the line. In actual fact, it is understood that the trampoline gymnastics, sports arena is also an official event. However, compared with more traditional sports, it has a low threshold for getting started. As a result, these venues have only spread rapidly. Each venue is quite lively. Many young children and adults are involved.


Reporters visited many venues in Longhua found that trampoline paradise is divided into many areas, we have many things to do at a trampoline park.So we will not feel bored,there is a pool of Bobo ball rest, there are basketball and large and small bounce zone, these are based on different age and hobby set, according to Degree of difficulty involved in the amount of force.

First in the test area activities bones

According to the staff member Sam, there is actually no need to worry too much about the first time a trampoline will encounter "discomfort". In such a trampoline theme park, there will be professional guidance. It is best to wear soft and loose sportswear and wear antiskid socks. To the paradise do not forget so, it is best to try the activities in the jumping area bones, ten minutes before moving into the area. In general, as long as the venue is not particularly congested and does not collide with others, it will not hurt to play in the trampoline area.

For beginners, Sam suggested, "Trampoline is very capable of exercising people's body shape, so even if you do not practice, simple practice, but also not to bend over, be sure to keep tall and straight." In addition to trampoline body shape can be modified , But also can exercise people's flexibility and body coordination, long-term adherence, but also very able to exercise physique.


Reporters in the trampoline paradise found that there are some in the trampoline area plus balance rope this difficult project, aside certainly with professionals, playing in other areas for a while, After a thorough adaptation recommended to try. In fact, falling down due to the flexibility of the trampoline facility also protects participants from harm.

Played in the venue tired, the basic park will be equipped with healthy fruits and vegetables juice and snacks, you can sit in a rest area blankly. The best relaxation area is the leisure Bobo pool, and many young women and girlfriends chatting in a few hide inside a daze, by the way squeeze the bubble, relieve stress.