How To Do Safety Measures For Indoor Children's Playgrounds?

- Aug 01, 2019-

1.Ocean ball


We will put many ocean balls in the indoor playground parks. Whether it is at the bottom of the rainbow climbing tree or below the slide , everyone will fill the ocean ball, not only to increase the fun of the game for children, but also to improve safety.


For the  ocean ball, children can not only experience the fun of throwing, but also learn the skills of counting and color,they can also enjoy the wonderful experience of rolling inside of the pit. Its existence greatly enriched the children's fun activities.


In fact, the ocean ball also hides another function, which is to provide security protection for children's play activities. The ocean ball at the bottom of the slide will slow down the children's progress and prevent them from sliding too far and hitting the side board; if the child accidentally falls off the amusement equipment, the ocean ball can prevent the child from falling directly on the ground. Reduce the damage caused by accidents; the ocean ball can become a resistance in the child's running, avoiding the child running too fast in the field and hitting people.


2.PVC cover


Most of the equipment supports in the indoor children's park are international galvanized steel pipes. The steel pipe is durable but also extremely strong, and if accidentally hit, children may get hurt. If there is a PVC package, children's play safety will be more secure, and they will not have to worry about injuries. Not only that, PVC wrap has a variety of colors to choose from, which is more beautiful than the silver gray of the steel pipe itself


3.Soft pads

 In the indoor  playground park, we will use a lot of soft pads, no matter it is on the handrail of stairs or other exposed places, we will use soft pads to wrap the steel structure, savoid bumping against children when playing.